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Gillian Bouras (born 18 August 1945) is an expatriate Australian writer who has written several books, stories and articles, many of them dealing with her experiences as an Australian woman in Greece.






Gillian Bouras was born in Melbourne in 1945. Both her parents and her grandfather were teachers. Her childhood was spent moving around country Victoria, including Nhill and Beechworth, and Melbourne.

She studied for her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, and from 1967 to 1980 she worked as a secondary school teacher of English. In 1981 she completed her Master of Education thesis at the same university on the life of her grandfather: School teacher in Victoria: the biography of Arthur John Hicks.

She married George Bouras, a Greek emigrant to Australia, in 1969. In 1980 she went with her husband and her two sons to the Peloponnese area of Greece, initially for a six-month holiday but they ended up staying. She had her third son in Greece, and eventually took out Greek citizenship.

In 1996, her younger sister Jacqui committed suicide, after decades of mental illness. Bouras' book, No Time for Dances, explores her sister's life in an attempt to understand her suicide. As she writes: "I keep trying to close a mental door, or to put a very firm lid on these questions, for there are no answers, and writing them down is one way of attempting closure".

She continues to live in the Peloponnese, Greece, as well as maintaining ties with Australia.


Bouras published her first book, the autobiographical A Foreign Wife, in 1986. It describes her life as a foreign wife in Greece, and the challenges she faced in living within Greek culture and society. Most of the works she has published since then, both autobiographical and fiction, explore the themes of exile, cultural identity, and family.

Bouras has also had short stories and articles published in newspapers and journals such as The Griffith Review, Meanjin and Island. She has presented papers at conferences and participated in literary events, in Australia and elsewhere.

For several years she prepared discussion notes for the book group program managed by Victoria's Council of Adult Education (CAE).

Awards and Nominations

1994: Aphrodite and the Others: Ethnic Affairs Commission Award in the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards

Short-listed for the Fawcett Book Prize, London

2007: No Time for Dances: Shortlisted for the National Biography Award

2008:  Aphrodite Alexandra a Notable Book (Children's Book Council of Australia

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