Gillian Bouras
An Australian
Living in Greece


A Foreign Wife

Gillian Bouras is an Australian married to a Greek. From the ambiguous position of a foreign wife, she writes of life in a Greek village. Her fellow villagers fondly regard her, the migrant in their midst, as something of a curiosity. They, in turn, are the source of both her admiration and her perplexity.

A Fair Exchange

Gillian Bouras explores the upheavals  and pleasures of exchanging one home for another.  Out of her experience has grown a love of words and the patterns they make in her life; despite her nostalgia for Australia, she cannot resist the impact of foreign landscapes and the people that surround her.

Aphrodite and Others

Aphrodite - priest's wife, matriarch, illiterate - has lived in her village for eighty-six years.  Her struggle and hardship have been echoed by national and international upheavals, by war, dictatorship and famine.  In writing the story of her mother-in-law's life, Gillian Bouras recounts her own difficulties as an educated, independent Westerner coming to terms with a woman so culturally different and so domestically powerful.  Available here.

A Stranger Here

Three women of Greece : Artemis, an ailing matriarch who clings rigidly to the old ways, Juliet, an Englishwoman contentedly married to a Greek man, and Irene, the Australian wife of Artemis's son, who has to leave her marriage and child, and a culture that will not make room for her. Irene cannot stay in Greece, neither can she properly leave. Wherever she goes a part of her is pulling in the other direction, so no country can lay claim to her, no place is truly home. Gillian Bouras. seamlessly weaves fact and fiction to widen her view on displacement.

Starting Again

For some, home is not simply a matter of place. Gillian Bouras comes and goes between London, where she spends long periods, and the village in the Peloponnese to which she migrated nearly twenty years ago. Unable to settle in either England or Greece, her life is one of perpetual journey, of constant goodbyes and starting again. Even in Australia, where she was born and raised, she feels like an outsider. This journal deals with the complexity of finding your place in the world. Insightful and always engaging, Bouras explores the divide that exists between cultures, between the past and the present, between those who shut the world out and those who too readily let it in.


Saving Christmas

Why does Dad dance all night non-stop until he drops? Why do the ice-cubes in the refrigerator turn black? And why is all the furniture suddenly decorated with frogs' legs? Australia is a Mecca for the evil Kallikantzoaroi who are bent on destroying Christmas, as we know it. All the family must pull together to save the most important festival of the year. An entertaining Greek-Australian story, Saving Christmas also celebrates the revealing differences between people.

Aphrodite Alexandra

Aphrodite Alexandra is named after both her grandmothers. Every Saturday she visits Granny Alex, and every Sunday she visits Yiayia Aphrodite. But while the two grandmothers live very close to each other, neither want anything to do with the other - until one day an accident brings them closer together. Available here.

No Time for Dances

Nine years ago, at the age of fifty. Gillian Bouras's sister, Jacqui, took her own life. Here Gillian explores what went so wrong in Jacqui's life and why her family and friends could not save her. She examines their shared childhood and their growth to womanhood and independence, picking apart the different threads of their lives, seeking answers and solace. No Time For Dances is a frank, heartfelt, lyrical and compelling examination of the nature of grief and mental illness. It is also the story of a warm, delightful and fragile woman who lived much of her life in mental pain. Available here.

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